Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Gipsy Wind

Today, friends, I'm excited to share the creative work and inspiring story behind Gipsy Wind, an Etsy shop run by Janelle. Her shop, as she says, is an eclectic blend of items, from jewelry to vintage treasures. Although the shop is new, Janelle loves the creative outlet it's given her. Read on for the unexpected joy she gets from her creations and her unique take on fashion! xoxo
What inspired you to start the shop?
I come from a fairly creative family, and have always very much enjoyed making things with my hands. Turning that joy into a money-making endeavor was never a goal of mine, but rather something that just came about as a fun and practical way to supplement our income. One of my super-creative and incredibly gifted aunts discovered Etsy a while back, and I became familiar with the site through her.

What's your best piece of advice for people looking for great online shopping deals?
Online or offline, I believe you have to be willing to invest some time in order to find what you’re looking for at a good price. You’re bound to find an excellent deal if you look hard, think outside the box and shop around enough, but what you save in dollars you may well spend in minutes! It’s a trade-off. I’ve found it helpful, too, to read through customer reviews or feedback, as this often sheds more light on a buyer or shop than the shop’s info page ever could.

In this recession economy, what are some ways people can still look chic for less?
I’m not sure I’m the person you should be asking! haha. ;) My mother made many of our clothes when I was growing up, and fashion was never a priority or really important at all. There are so many worthy, meaningful things to which we can give our time, money, and focus and fashion just doesn’t make my list. The majority of my clothing comes from secondhand clothing or thrift stores: Goodwill, little local Mom and Pop thrift shops and the occasional consignment shop. The rest are likely either snagged from a clearance rack or handmade. I’m a firm believer in the virtues of modifying/mending your own clothing, and I believe in living simply and inexpensively. I think my clothing reflects that. :)
What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
Good question! I’m really liking the Birds and Nest necklace, but the woven headbands, sweet button earrings and hemp cord jewelry are all tied for second place. Did I have to pick just one...? I must confess I’ve kind of hoarded some of my more favorite items, or items that held special meaning to me. I don’t make anything that doesn’t really appeal to me, so I often have a hard time giving items up! :)

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  1. janelle has some really lovely things in her shop. i have been using the natural solid perfume she made for weeks and i love it. i might be a little bias of my beautiful and talented cousin :)


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