Monday, September 03, 2012

Disabilities In The Media: Have you been watching the Paralympics?

Have you guys been watching the Paralympics? I had no idea the games, which are the world's second largest sporting event, showcasing the athletic chops of those with a wide range of disabilities, had started, but luckily, reader Carrie emailed me this official promo video that her partner, Tom Tagholm, directed. “We really didn’t want to shoot around the particular physical attributes of these athletes and their disabilities,” he told London's Channel 4. “We wanted to absolutely embrace all of that –- their stance, the ways they’ve adapted to their sport, the ways that they use their bodies.”
And the message of this year's games, which started a few weeks after the close of the London Olympics? 'Thanks for the warm up.'" How perfect is that, friends?

P.S. You can see more inspiring photos here.


  1. I've been watching and one word EXTRAORDINARY :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements

  2. Yes! And my husband and I are finding them more exciting and intriguing than the regular kind :).

  3. I have been addicted to watching the Paralympics.It has been so exciting!


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