Friday, September 07, 2012

Do you go apple picking in the fall?

Speaking of fall, I've always loved going to the apple orchard for the first time every year. We might be making our first trip to the local orchard this weekend. And good thing, too, since orchards across the Midwest will see a limited apple supply this year due to an early April freeze that destroyed or damaged apple crops. Yikes! Will you be taking some time out for apple picking this year, friends? Deb's recipe for apple pie cookies, above, is getting me in the fall spirit, to say the least... xoxo

P.S. Remember these apple-tastic cupcakes?


  1. My parents have a cooking apple tree in their garden - always made the best apples for crumbles and pies!

  2. My mum usually does. She prepares the most delish apple jam. Thanks for bringing back some sweet memories! xoxo

  3. Yes, absolutely! Out here we have what's called Apple Hill. Apple pickings with apple donuts and apple cider!

  4. i've always wanted an apple tree in my garden, rachael!! sounds perfect!

  5. I wish. No apple orchards in the far south. Post photos when you go so I can live vicariously. :)

  6. Yes!!! I used to go in Maryland all the time. We'd spend a few hours in the orchard then go to my apartment and make yummy apple crisp! It was a yearly tradition for my boyfriend and me. Now that we've moved to the west, idk when that'll happen next :(.


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