Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Family photos: On my new co-workers and a fortune cookie

On this dreary, rainy, not-so-sunny day, I thought I'd share two recent snapshots of my life. First: My co-workers, above. These little guys have taken to hanging out in my office (read: the kitchen table) with me during the day. They make awesome company, though they're not very receptive when I try to bounce ideas off of them... :)
We went to Hy-Vee for lunch last weekend (have you ever been there? It's a grocery store with an amazing restaurant in it), and I couldn't resist getting a fortune cookie. The little pearl of wisdom I found inside? Well, it was a bit perplexing. I took my cookie confusion to Facebook, where readers offered both literal and metaphorical interpretations. So, I'd love to know, friends: What do you think? What's the weirdest fortune you've ever received? xoxo


  1. hmmm that fortune is pretty confusing. maybe it's saying that you'll do better in investing in something that is safe in life rather than something that's volatile and goes up and down like crazy? i'd probs take it literally and be like "pfft, i'm not into either" haha. and cute co-workers ;) they're already sleeping on the job!

  2. aw cuuute kitties. and hy-vee!! where we used to live before we moved to europe had one of those...loved the chinese :)


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