Friday, September 14, 2012

Found: The sweetest lollipops

Oh, wow, VintageConfestions just might be the coolest Etsy shop ever. The Chicago-based sweet treat shop specializes in -- you guessed it -- lollipops. But not just plain old lollipops. We're talking lollipops of the creative kind, like the ones above: Neapolitan ice cream, solar system, lipstick kiss, pumpkin cheesecake, candy corn and stars and stripes. Don't they look delicious? My sweet tooth is already craving them! xoxo


  1. Those are awesome! Talk about childhood sophistication. You always find the best stuff.

  2. The solar system lollies are particularly amazing!

  3. I know, Lena -- the solar system pops come in cotton candy and strawberry flavor! :)


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