Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Love Lounge: What's your happiest age?

When I turned 25, I remember getting this sinking feeling in my stomach. It was the first year I remember ever looking at my birthday as a bittersweet thing. I was no longer in my early twenties, but still young enough to avoid the late twenties label. I couldn't help but feel like I was having an identity crisis of sorts. I spent the next five years getting that sinking feeling again each time my birthday would come around; it was a constant reminder that I was getting older. Older. I didn't like that word very much.

And then? Well, a surprising, funny, sort-of-miraculous thing happened: I turned 30. Instead of being horrified that I was no longer even in my twenties, I suddenly felt free. Amazing even. It was like all my age hang-ups and fears and bugaboos just vanished. In their place was a self-confidence and self-assurance that, before I knew it, made my 30th year my happiest yet.
And lucky for me, it looks like things are just going to get better and better from here. In a survey by U.K. site Friends Reunited, 70% of respondents over the age of 40 said they did not find true happiness until they were 33 years old.

“The age of 33 is enough time to have shaken off childhood naivety and the wild scheming of teenaged years without losing the energy and enthusiasm of youth," says psychologist Donna Dawson. "By this age, innocence has been lost, but our sense of reality is mixed with a strong sense of hope, a “can do” spirit and a healthy belief in our own talents and abilities. We have yet to develop the cynicism and world-weariness that comes with later years."

How fascinating! Who would have guessed that the best is yet to come? What's been your happiest age so far, friends? What made it so happy and fulfilling? What age are you really looking forward to? Is there an age you're dreading? xoxo

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  1. Being an old soul... I've always, always wanted to be older than my actual age. I know, I'm weird. But in high school I always had this debate with my friends. They always said when they turn 30, their lives are over! I always said that I couldn't wait until I was 30, because that's the time when your life really begins. You hopefully have more money than in your 20s, a home, a family... stability, confidence, wisdom and like you said more freedom!


  2. I think that with age comes wisdom and a sense of calm. I don't really have a number I'd want to go back to or dread (maybe 50).

  3. Melissa,

    Like another person commented above, I always wanted to be older; this is probably because the majority of my friends are all older than me. Right now, I'm currently looking forward to my twenty-first birthday; in the town where I go to college, the city council has cracked down on underaged drinking (the years before my freshman year, anyone under twenty one was allowed to go into the bars and night clubs. My freshman year, an ordinance was passed where anyone under twenty one couldn't be in a bar after ten o'clock). As A lot of my friends now are legal age, or they're birthdays are before mine, it's getting harder to make weekend plans and such. I'm looking forward to being able to have the freedom to be able to have a night out with friends and not have to jump through hoops to do it.

  4. A bunch of woman in my morning bootcamp were talking about this. They all agreed that they peaked between 22 and 25. I'm 30 and haven't been healthier, happier, and more assure of myself. Sometimes I even find myself saying that I can't wait to be an awesome senior.

  5. oh what an interesting question! i don't think i can honestly pin-point an age since i feel like i've always sought to be happy no matter the season of my life. not saying i always succeeded, but i can always say that i found happiness no matter the age. there is always something worth celebrating and being thankful for - even in the darkest of days. :)

    p.s. i am approaching 30 and am determined to let it be a day of celebration instead of gloom. we shall see, won't we? you can check on me when the age rolls around ;)

  6. Yep, 100%, my 30s were the best years for me. I'd go back in a minute if I could. I'd never want to go back to my 20s or, god forbid, my teens!

  7. I just turned 27 at the start of July, and while it was not a happy birthday (my ex and I had broken up a week before. Ugh), I've been enjoying my late 20's. I feel much more relaxed, and confident in my decisions. I don't feel nearly as crazy as I did through my early 20's. That could also be because I moved to a new city and started a grad program...but I dunno. I think my late 20's are going to be awesome.

    And my scary age? 34. If I'm still single and without kids, I may freak out just a teensy bit, as silly as that sounds.

  8. I couldn't wait to be 30...I hated the 20s because I kind of hated 20somethings mentality. Call me an old brain/old soul. I loved my 30s. I am loving my 40s. Guess in the end I have decided that the best age is the one I am living right now, not missing a thing as it happens. :)

  9. I'm turning 20 next year and even though that's obviously not "old," it freaks me out looking back on my childhood and realizing I've been around for TWENTY years! So I may experience a bit of a quarter life crisis when that happens haha!

  10. April, I'm actually loving my 30s more than my 20s, so the best is definitely yet to come for you! xoxox


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