Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sky Monsters

There's nothing like a good Midwestern storm. In fact, it's one of my favorite parts about living in the Heartland. Award-winning photographer Camille Seaman teamed up with storm chasers to capture these threatening forces of nature when a storm rolled through the great plains of Nebraska in June. Aren't these shots mesmerizing? They remind me of the '90s flick, Twister. :)

[Via The Atlantic]


  1. These shots are incredible! Nature can be so monstrously beautiful sometimes.

  2. "monstrously beautiful" -- i love that!! xoxo

  3. Ahhhh, these photos bring back some major summertime the time there was a tornado warning while we were having a huge family camping trip in southern Minnesota, and I sent my brother and cousin to the campground's candy store instead of to the bathrooms (where everyone was actually supposed to go), resulting in a mass freak out and me crying and thinking I had just gotten my brother and cousin sucked up into a tornado.

    That being said, midwest storms are BEAUTIFUL, and though it took me years to get over my fear of tornadoes, I've always appreciated the epic cloud formations and weather patterns that accompany them. The photos in this post are amazing!

  4. Terrifying, yet majestic! So incredible how powerful Mother Nature can be, and still keep herself pretty in the process!


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