Friday, October 19, 2012

Did you dress up for Halloween as a child?

Breaking news: Next week will be all about Halloween on the blog. I've got lots of exciting things planned, including a sweet candy round-up, but first, I've got a question: Did you love dressing up for Halloween when you were young? My mom loves to tell the story of my first Halloween when she dressed me up as a cute little pumpkin. From then on, I remember looking forward to the last day of October every year, and I donned a variety of costumes over the year -- clown, devil, a pair of dice with my cousin, a robber (not sure what my parents were thinking with that one...). Halloween is such a magical time for a child, isn't it? Aren't these costumes for little ones adorable? There are so many creative choices out there, and it's no surprise that Big Bird is making a costume comeback this year. And that Harry Potter? He kills me! xoxo

P.S. Awww, there's even a superhero shop for kids in NYC!

[Thanks, Tami and Amy]


  1. Halloween is my all time favorite! I wasn't very original with my costumes (numerous years of being a gypsy) but still. :)

    Plus my birthday is the day before so - cake and presents one day, free candy the next = double score!

  2. It's sad that people feel so horrible about themselves that they must try to bring others down. Rude anom you're not welcome here. Melissa... You're blog and writing are brilliant. Keep it up.

  3. Your not you're. ..

  4. Jealous, Wendy -- would love to have my bday around Halloween. Happy early bday to you!

  5. First Anon -- couldn't have said it better myself. :)

  6. I'm 19 and still go trick or treating! Shhhh ;) I'm super short and look like I'm twins with my fourteen year old sister so nobody ever looks at me and says "she is TOO OLD to be trick or treating!" Who in their right mind would pass up free candy anyway?!


  7. I love their costumes! A cover-up shirt before becoming Superman, and the famous scar! Love, love love! On a more serious note, I think dressing up for Halloween helps us parents practice being keen on details. My kids went for fruit costumes last holiday. So we literally had a fruity trick or treat night! :D


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