Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Guest Post: 5 ways to beat the post-wedding blues

So the most magical day of your life has come and gone, your wedding dress is hanging in the cupboard never to be worn – or perhaps even seen – ever again. You return from honeymoon and your life should be better than it has ever been. Instead, you feel empty, with nothing to focus on for the first time in months other than getting up to go to work every day. After so much excitement, the come down from a wedding can be difficult to deal with. What can you both do as a couple to ensure that you beat the post wedding blues?
Organize Your Home
If your guests had a blank sheet of paper when it came to buying your gifts, in fact even if you had a gift list, then you will have a lot of things that you need to sort out around your home. Whether it is the three toasters you now own, the dinner sets, wine glasses or something else that has been purchased for you in the best of faith, you need somewhere to put them. The choice is yours: Will you store them all away somewhere and keep the best one to use, or will you donate, or even – whisper it softly – sell some of them on eBay?

Say Thank You
Having sorted out the deluge of gifts you received, you will probably like to thank those who made the purchases. Sit down with your partner and write a short, simple “Thank You” to everyone who attended what was hopefully your perfect day. Avoid the soulless methods of text messaging and email -- a handwritten message will mean a lot more.

Make a Memory Box
When you want to look back over your wedding, it is great to have everything in one place. Put all of your wedding memories, whether they be photos, an invitation or anything else that can be stored for all eternity, in one place so that when the time comes they can be found and viewed easily.

Get a New Job…Maybe
Did your wedding go off exactly how you wanted it to, with everyone amazed at how magical it was and commenting on how amazing the whole day was? Did you plan the whole thing from start to finish yourself? Why not get the wedding buzz in your life at all times? Becoming a wedding planner could be the perfect way to beat the blues.

Do the Boring Stuff
It isn’t the most glamorous of things to do, but it has to be done. Stuff like legally changing your name, then renaming bank accounts, homeowner documents and all those other things, are better done sooner rather than later, and could help invigorate you to look ahead to your exciting new, married life.

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  1. Wow I haven't even thought of the post-wedding blues, I am engaged but haven't really started planning the wedding. Thanks for sharing these tips!


  2. Ha I totally had this! And I love that she is doing the "boring stuff" in her wedding dress... genius!

  3. Great Tips! Thanks for mentioning Style Pilot, we're here if you want your fella to look as good as he did on your wedding day, every day!

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