Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Essential #3: Hitchcock movies

Last year, we talked about our favorite scary movies -- yikes! As I looked over my choices with fresh eyes this year, I couldn't help but notice a pretty glaring error. It was pretty jarring, actually -- the kind of error that scares you almost as much as those cover-your-eyes, scream-in-terror horror movies. My terror transgression? I left out the Master of Suspense himself, Mr. Alfred Hitchcock. I suppose it goes without saying that I committed the ultimate Halloween faux pas. So, I'm determined to right that wrong this year. And with the new biopic Hitchcock set to hit theaters on November 23rd (can you believe that's Anthony Hopkins in the movie poster? Unreal, right...?), I can't help but feel like it's a sign from the director himself. A few of my favorite Hitchcock flicks...
Dial M For Murder (1954) warns of the dangers of extra-marital affairs.

Rear Window (1954) follows what happens when one man becomes a little too obsessed with his neighbors.

Psycho (1960) combines a scary motel and a domineering mother.

The Birds (1963) made me deathly afraid of winged creatures. Literally.

Are you scared yet, friends? What are your favorite Hitchcock films? Any that force you to keep the lights on at night? xoxo


  1. When I was young my mom used to let me watch Hitchcock movies with her. I know, she was nuts. But I've always loved scary movies. Rear Window is probably my fav Hitchcock movie. And I am SO excited to see the moving coming out about him!

  2. Rear Window is one of my favourites! I love Grace Kelly as well so I'll watch anything with her in it. Ah I can't wait for the Hitchcock biopic!

  3. my favourite Hitchcock movie is definitely Vertigo--though all of these are great as well! I do find myself getting distracted by the very dated effects in The Birds though x

  4. i haven't seen the birds in years, laura...may have to watch it again this year for halloween! xoxo


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