Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Essential #4: Sweet treats

Speaking of Hitchcock, how spooky are these bird-shaped cookies from Sara Belle's Bakery? She made the wonderful works of art for Camille's Alfred Hitchcock party. Wouldn't they be fun to make on a rainy and windy Halloween night? It's safe to say I've got a sweet tooth, and every year around this time, I love browsing the Halloween candy aisles. Some of my favorite treasures...
What's your favorite Halloween candy, friends? Did you have a least favorite growing up? xoxo

P.S. And the final Halloween Essential will be about...pets! Look for it tomorrow! :)


  1. Yummy! I think mine would be a Crunch bar or Mounds bar! :)

  2. I love almost all halloween candy! My fave to find in my trick or treat bag was probably reese's cups. I also have a soft spot for candy corn at this time of year, so addictively sugary!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  3. i have a Snickers addiction ,its my favorite treat..i've never tried candy corn before, and i'd love to give it a try

  4. Snickers! Oh gosh I love snickers so much!

  5. I like the cookies! You NEVER see those. Ravens, I'm assuming.

  6. thanks for sharing.


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