Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Essential #5: Let's talk pet costumes!

A few weeks ago, my cousin sent me the link to a Time article on how people celebrate Halloween with their beloved pets. I had no idea, but apparently, pet costumes are a big and thriving business, with American consumers expected to collectively spend $370 million on pet costumes this year alone -- a whopping $70 million more than last year. Can you believe that?

My cousin loves getting her dog in the holiday spirit, even beyond Halloween. That's Howard, above, in his festive Christmas outfit.
And although I'd love to dress our cats up this year, I'll live vicariously through Maddie, everyone's favorite traveling Coonhound. Isn't she adorable? xoxo


  1. Oh my. Maddie is so sweet I can't stand it. What great photos!!!

  2. Omg, Howard is adorable! I took my beagle trick or treating last year, we got her a pumpkin costume and she was a huge hit with everyone! Although she got really spooked by this huge scary house playing loud Halloween music and the witch on the doorstep... so I'll let her stay home this year :)


  3. Hahaha! I remember for when my sister got her cat Arwen, and I had my cat Cloud (our first cats since we were kids) their first Christmas, I got Arwen a frilly red collar with jingle bells all around it.

    She hated it. Every time she'd scratch, jingle jingle jingle. And once Cloud heard that he wouldn't stop chasing her, thinking she's now part of the new toy !! Lol!


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