Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Love Lounge: Let's talk fear (and my HuffPost Live video)

So, friends, remember last week when I mentioned that something very special happened to me? Well, it was something that was both exciting and terror-inducing. It was both fun and stressful. And it made me feel both empowered and vulnerable.

Last Thursday, I got an email from an associate producer of HuffPost Live, The Huffington Post's new video news network. They feature 20-minute round-table discussions of all sorts of contemporary issues, from health to technology to pop culture. After coming across one of my Psychology Today posts, they asked if I'd like to participate in a segment that night on fear.

After I got over the initial fear (ironic, isn't it...?), I realized this as a wonderful opportunity to talk honestly about something we all struggle with and work so hard to overcome. One interesting topic that came up during the panel discussion was the evolutionary perspective on fear and how some things we're afraid of may have been passed down to us from our ancestors. Fascinating!

You can watch the video above, and I'd love to know, friends: What's your own experience with fear? Are you a generally fearful person? Do you have irrational fears? How do you cope with them? Let's chat! xoxo


  1. It was awesome to finally see you talking, after devotedly reading you for some time now! :) Congrats! U did amazing! So did the rest of the girls. This is a SO interesting issue. Personally, I am about to make a major life change (I'll keep you updated) and I have these moments where I have panic attacks! NO kidding. I am working with one of my best friends who is also a personal coach. She told me something beautiful about FEAR: It is normal to be scared somtimes. The problem is when fears keeps you from moving forward with your life and you get paralized by those fears. Food for thought! Besos!

  2. You *are* amazing, I agree with Lena. Wow, Melissa. Good for you!


  3. Wow this is really awesome and interesting. I like your point about irrational fears and that you can recognize that but it's more than that. Congratulations! Well Done.

  4. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Well done, Melissa!!! :D

  5. Thanks, guys... it was so unexpected and really worthwhile!

  6. Ha, Elsa -- glad you got to hear me!! You can check out some other video hellos I've done for the blog here...


  7. Dude, I went crazy when I heard u sing! U are an amazing force of nature! SO INSPIRING, darling! :) xoxo

  8. Elsa, you're so sweet! Though my family would say I sing too much...i have this habit of just burst out in song at random moments and then singing the entire song LOL


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