Monday, October 15, 2012

Man Candy Monday.

Good Monday morning, friends! How's your day going so far? The lovely Jessi gave me a great idea for Man Candy this week, so I thought we'd do another fun round-up (remember this one and this one...?). It's safe to say I'm a lover of all things pop culture. And growing up, music was always one of my favorite things. The radio. MTV. Those old-fangled things called casettes. I devoured it all. But a certain genre never failed to make my heart beat a little faster or make me squeal with pure joy. Even some 15 years later, these boy bands still have the power to reduce me to a screaming teenager...

THE BEATLES: The mop-topped foursome were the original boy band. Everyone had a favorite Beatle. Everyone had a favorite song.
Who stole my heart: Paul
My favorite songs: "Please, Please Me," "It's Only Love," "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Something."
THE MONKEES: Known as the pre-fab four, these guys had it all: Boyish good looks, catchy songs and acting chops to boot. They were every teenage girl's dream.
Who stole my heart: Davy
My favorite songs: "Pleasant Valley Sunday," "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You," "Daydream Believer," and "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)."
NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK: Those accents. Those bad-boy personas. Those dance moves. These guys made me feel like a little nine-year-old rebel without ever actually doing anything.
Who stole my heart: Joey and Donnie
My favorite songs: "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)," "You Got It (The Right Stuff)," "Step by Step," and "Time Is on Our Side." BACKSTREET BOYS: These guys sort of elevated the boy band genre a bit. They had soul and sang from the heart. And, they all had distinct personalities.
Who stole my heart: Howie (and later, A.J.)
My favorite songs: "As Long As You Love Me," "I Want It That Way," "The One," "The Call" and "Shape Of My Heart."
N*SYNC: Oh, is it scandalous including both BSB and N*SYNC on the same list? My younger self would have screamed, "YES, it is!" But, really, who can resist these harmonizing hotties? And Justin Timberlake's smile...
Who stole my heart: Justin and Lance
My favorite songs: "Tearin' Up My Heart," "Bye Bye Bye," "This I Promise You," and "Gone."


  1. Yay! Boy bands...genius! I guess there's always something exciting about having four or five good looking guys performing her heart out on stage, no? Beatles are amazing...but I also loved NKOTB back in the day. XOXO

  2. haha.. look at Justin, he was very young
    JC was my favorite :)

  3. I still love boy bands, and I have no shame whatosever! I remember writing in my Lisa Frank Diary (anyone remember that?!) that I was going to marry Nick Carter. I still have some of their songs on my ipod, and admittedly, still know every single word! Such a cute post, Melissa!

  4. Melissa I will say it for you. BSB AND Nsync on the same list! It's a full blown scandal! How I did enjoy AJ, but was totally a JC and Chris girl ;)

  5. Ha, Alyx, that's too hilarious! I totally remember Lisa Frank,,,I always wanted to marry Justin :)


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