Monday, October 15, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Michelle Starbuck Designs

Today, friends, I'm excited to share my interview with Michelle Starbuck, the amazing Chicago-based jewelry designer who opened her own shop, Michelle Starbuck Designs, in 2005. With every piece she makes -- from necklaces to earrings -- she keeps three ideals in mind: Affordable, unique and handmade. Read on for her shopping advice and the story behind her favorite piece in her shop! xoxo
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What's your best piece of advice for people looking for great online shopping deals?
I follow a lot of other fellow handmade artists through various social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I love it that I can keep up-to-date on what everyone is doing and find out about special discounts and giveaways. I particularly like checking Uncovet for deals from independent designers and The Bright Side Project for giveaways from handmade artists.

In this recession economy, what are some ways people can still look chic for less?
I like to look through my closet and find pieces that just need a little trendy update. I have a lot of craft supplies around, so I can easily add a little freehand embroidery to a sweater, change the buttons on a cardigan or add a statement collar to a plain tee. I've always done a lot of thrifting for home items, but I've gotten used to buying clothes at thrift stores as well. I've been pleasantly surprised to find some of the same items that I wanted in the stores a few years ago for a couple bucks second-hand. I like to stick with basic, classic pieces that I can wear forever.
What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
My favorite piece has always been the molecule necklace because you can wear it every day with any outfit. I'm actually pretty lazy about changing my jewelry. I've had the same necklace on for the better part of this year. Since it's raw brass, it's developed an amazing patina and I love it even more. I will admit that I've been thinking about swapping it for my macaroni necklace soon. It's simple and a little quirky. It might be my new favorite.

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