Friday, November 09, 2012

Fashion Friday: J.Crew coat collection

Oh, yikes! I think it's safe to say that Old Man Winter is on his way. It's one of those classic early-winter day: A little sunshine and a brisk chill in the air. And considering that I haven't bought a new winter coat in years (sometimes, I even just wear my spring jacket all year!), I'd say J.Crew's new coat collection looks pretty fantastic, wouldn't you? The colors remind me of cotton candy! How do you brave the winter weather, friends? xoxo

P.S. Fun fact: Each color has its own name! :)


  1. um, can i have one in every color!?
    j.crew has always made gorgeous, gorgeous coats!

    xo the egg out west.

  2. I am totally dreading Old Man Winter. But these fun coats make winter not so bad.
    Casual Clothes for Less | Girlie Blog Seattle

  3. Oh J. Crew, you taunt me so. They have a 25% off sale today, but I STILL cannot afford them. Not even the kid's section haha.

  4. J. Crew's coat collection is lovely, but I'm crushing on Calvin Klein's faux fur trim duffle coat. So much more affordable:

  5. Beauty items picked ! they look all magical ;)

  6. Such a gorgeous collection! Since SF stays pretty mild, I live in blazers, but I do rock a navy J.Crew peacoat when I'm back on the East Coast!


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