Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Twenty Pages

I've always loved looking at wedding albums. The happy couple. Family members forming a conga line at the reception. The beautiful cake. I love how everything is captured on film and preservered forever. Well, now couples can take the entire wedding experience to the next level with Twenty Pages, which lets you create an actual glossy magazine to go along with your big day. I recently interviewed Vincent, who started Twenty Pages with his wife after their June 2010 nuptials. Read on for more wedding tips and tricks! xoxo

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Tell me about Twenty Pages. What's the inspiration behind its launch?
Twenty Pages was born from the needs of our own wedding in France -- we wanted to share a little bit about us, our story and of course, the big-day logistics with our guests. Since we had a destination wedding, it was hard to convey all the information to our guests in a fun and simple way. We searched high and low and considered all the things that couples were doing -- from email to wedding Web sites, but still felt that nothing quite fit our needs. So we created our magazine, and the guests loved how fun AND practical it was! Many guests found it incredibly useful -- from the maps to the top things to do to the what to wear section. It made their experience much more enjoyable and stressful free, and they had a wonderful time at the wedding, which was what we wanted!
Why do you think couples choose to make a magazine with their wedding photos as opposed to just a standard wedding album?
Our magazines are versatile and go beyond what wedding albums can do -- we’ve had couples use them as unique wedding programs, wedding invitations, in welcome bags and at their guests’ dinner tables. We’ve noticed that couples need to share important information before their wedding day, and we offer a way for them to do it in a fun and personalized way. Also, unlike wedding albums, which capture the wedding day only, our wedding magazines have proven popular because they can capture the couple's whole journey up until the big day -- their story & history to share with their family and friends.

What are some things people should keep in mind when making their magazine?
All we need is a few pictures, some anecdotes about your relationship and your wedding details. We'll take it from there and turn it into a beautiful magazine! We have designed our magazines to suit a variety of needs. For example, we have designed magazines that are heavy on images for those who would like to showcase their amazing engagement photos, whether professionally taken or from an iPhone. Conversely, we have also designed magazines that are more text heavy for those that like to tell their story through words rather than images. Whatever the preference, we always work with the couple to make sure the magazine turns out exactly as they had imagined.
What are some ways that people can still look chic for less on their wedding day?
We’ve found that friends & family are a great way to ensure that the Big Day is everything you’ve imagined and more -- and on a budget, no less! Have a friend who loves make up? Bring her along with you to a consultation at your favorite makeup counter and learn the tricks to replicate on your wedding day. This can be done for your hair as well – book an appointment with your hairstylist, and have your friend learn how to recreate the look.

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