Monday, December 24, 2012

Dream Home: 6 creative wallpaper designs

Remember when my mom created a wall of family photos in our hallway last year? Well, she has two weeks of vacation for winter break this year, and she's bound and determined to tackle another home improvement project. This time, she venturing into our two bathrooms with a can of paint and a dream. I call it a dream because, well, we've had those little cats on the wall, above, for almost a year now, and there's no paint in sight. Me? I've always thought wallpaper would be a nice touch. Here are six beautiful designs I've got my eyes on...
Lisa Congdon's fern pattern...
And just for fun, interactive wallpaper, like this framed wallpaper from Graham & Brown that lets you leave your mark -- literally!

Still, as gung ho as my mother is about her potential painting endeavors, I fear the entire experience may end up like one of my favorite scenes from Frasier...

We shall see what happens, I suppose. What painting tips do you have, friends? What works? What doesn't? Any tools of the trade you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them and pass them on to my mom! xoxo

P.S. Did I mention she also ordered a new dresser for her bedroom that also requires assembly? This should be interesting...

P.P.S. A special holiday-themed family photos and a new Letter To My Future Husband is coming up shortly! :)

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