Monday, December 03, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 Part #1: Your mama bear who still thinks of you as her cub and has an endless amount of energy.

Patchwork measuring cups because her almond cookies make everything better, no matter how old you are, $13.
A photo notepad so those to-do lists make her smile, $12.99. (This calendar, $24.99, is also perfect).
Shakespearean love mug since she's been meaning to read more of his work (now she can...every morning!), $10.95.
Balsam cedar candle so she can relax after a long day, $25.
A popcorn gift basket because she loves munching on the salty snack during a mean game of Yahtzee, $39.99.
Personalized stationery for writing little love notes, $18.
A tote bag to remind her of her favorite season all year long -- and of her cheerful personality, $19.07.
A personalized bracelet because it reminds you of the friendship bracelets of your childhood, $40.
My Ideal Bookshelf to celebrate her love of reading...and the fact that she can be a bit, well, nosey, $16.49.
36 red heart stickers so you'll always be close to her heart, right where you belong, $4.
Love print for above her desk, $15.
A fun book to test her cat's personality to see if he is, as your mom believes, the best cat in the whole world, $5.95.

P.S. More gifts for moms.


  1. Those measuring cups are so cute, and I'm loving the votive...candle glow is always lovely, especially this time of year! Great gift ideas, Melissa!!! :)

  2. I love the personalized items...especially the notepad...the measuring cups too are adorable! I have to get the test your cats personality book for my boyfriend's funny!!

    Ergo - Blog

  3. I actually brought that Shakespeare mug back for my mom when I was visiting England a couple summers ago! She loves it, so yes, great mom gift! :)

  4. I love all of these!That note pad is definitely calling my name.

  5. Brilliant! Love them all! :) xoxo

  6. That's awesome mandy -- i imagine my mom quoting shakespeare a lot if i got her that mug!

  7. I'm so tempted to get that cat book too! :)

  8. I wouldn't mind getting any (or all) of these as gifts...except the Shakespeare mug--I already have it! ;-)

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