Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 Part #7: Six picks for your perfect pet

This buster bowl to elevate their dining experience, $29.99.
A plaid dog snuggie because, well, it's a dog snuggie, $5.99.
Catnip that your cat will most definitely go bananas over, $8.99.
A sleek new collar to make all the other neighborhood pets jealous, $19.
A cozy bed for sweet dreams, $39.99.
And of course, some toys, so they can play to their little heart's content, $5.99.


  1. we got similar toys (last one) for our dog last year. he loved them, although they are all broken and chewed up now.

  2. Oh my, that bowl is so sweet. Perfect dog pressie!

  3. that bowl is perfect! but I must say I need that snuggie for my little boston! Lol, she shivers cause she gets so cold!

  4. Love the goodies for the pups!! We have a terrier (twinkle terrior of course) & lhasa. One will have a red bow tie & the other a green one for Christmas morning pics! LOL


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