Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 Part #2: Your dad who calls you "rosebud," reads everything you write and is proud of his inner geek.

A photo installation of your favorite father-daughter shot (that's one of my favorite shots, above) -- the photo is printed on eight-inch squares and would really bring family memories to life, $33.
Turtles mug since that's the show you two watched every Saturday morning when you were little, $14.
This series of feedback stamps, so you can give him your approval for once, $20.
Snow in a can because...it's snow in a can, $5.75.
This space pen that writes upside down because it reminds you of the one he gave you -- it was one of your most treasured possessions growing up, $34.28.
A hygiene kit for some at-home spa relaxation, $40.
Ticket stub diary for remembering his glory days, $11.
Gourmet chocolate cookies because, well, he's the sweetest dad around, $7.99.
A pillow, so he'll be inspired right before he goes to bed and right when he wakes up, $24.
A world bank because he taught you about the world and because he's a giant kid at heart, $5.95.


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