Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 Part #3: Your quirky sister who knows every Bob Dylan lyric, gives the best advice and is a mad crossword puzzler

This Bob Dylan poster because she practically worships the music legend, $19.
Cat journal since her cat is her second best friend (after you, of course!), $13.
This delicate silver heart ring, so she knows she'll always have a piece of your heart, $24. Or, how about this gold one ($12)?

Lists because she always gets excited about off-beat trivia, $24.95.
A constellation calendar to match her out-of-this-world personality, $25.
Red nail polish for a pop of color, $16 (this glitter polish, $18, is also pretty).
A pair of warm gloves ($38) and a cute hat ($25) for her early-morning jogs.
Bear key chain because no matter how old she gets, she'll always be your sister bear, $40.
A striped umbrella for sunny beach reading, $49.
This big bag for all her library books, $35.
Crossword-inspired paper weight to inspire her when she's puzzling, $30.
The complete first season of 2 Broke Girls since it's her current guilty pleasure, $34.99.
An afternoon of "sister time," complete with root beer floats and making matching anchor bracelets, so you both remember to an anchor for each other, PRICELESS!


  1. I love a few things from this list, those rings are so gorgeous and the gloves so pretty!

  2. My sister wouldn't like anything on this list. :(. I like most of them, however, hah. The problem with gift guides is they are always for quirkier people and never seem to match my family. Sigh.
    Cute list, though.

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