Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 Part #6: Your friendly co-worker who makes you smile on Monday morning, loves telling family stories and leaves little treats on your desk.

This tabletop tree to bring holiday cheer to her desk, $19.99.
A set of pens emblazoned with her name, so she'll never lose them, $3.74.
A Starbucks gift card to start her mornings right.
Colorful page tabs, $11.

A cute gold elephant ($39) and gold pig bookends ($29.95) for her desk in honor of her animal-loving nature.
A 2013 planner to make sure you don't forget the important things in the New Year, like plenty of long lunches and after-work shopping trips, $20.
This Kate Spade paper weight to add some color to her Monday mornings, $30.
Mini planters for her window sill, $24.
This comfy pillow for quick naps between meetings, $49.

Gourmet dipped fancy berries ($24.95) and handmade sea salted caramels ($24.99) because she's so sweet.


  1. All super ideas, Melissa! Off to look at some of the Etsy shops, now.

  2. I'd be careful about giving a female co-worker a pig figurine. An elephant could be dangerous too. You may think I'm silly but I've actually heard the following statements from family and friends after receipt of such gifts: "She thinks I'm a pig!" "Oh, so I'm as big as an elephant!" Now if they collect said animals, it's totally cool.

  3. yami:) well it looks amazing, and that elephant? love it!!!!!! dear Santa, i want this elephat for christmas:)thank you.

  4. What a really cute gift guide! I love the lil planters & the bookends!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  5. This is such a sweet gift guide, I would be happy to receive anything on this list!! Thanks for including my love pillow :)

  6. Good call, Misty! :) I didn't even think of that!

  7. Tamsyn -- it was my pleasure. I'm going to be sending you an email shortly...I've got a question!

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