Monday, December 17, 2012

Man Candy Monday.

Good morning, friends! How's your day going so far? I thought it would be fun to do another throwback this week. I first fell for this guy on a certain Friday night. He has that sort of warm smile that just makes you want to talk to him for hours. He was fashionable -- at least by '90's standards. And he was everyone's favorite uncle back in the day...

JOHN STAMOS!!!!!!!!!!

"I mean you pull the curtain away, and you see I'm just as insecure and neurotic and scared and vulnerable as anybody."
P.S. On a more serious note, my heart continues to be with the community of Newtown, CT. Here's how you can help. xoxo


  1. Nice looking fellow. I hadn't heard of him before so thank you for the introduction;)

  2. Ahhh, fashion!! You've never seen Full House???

  3. He's totally gotten hotter since Full House! He is awesomely hot! =)


  4. I love John Stamos!!! I have been loving him since his days as Blackie on General Hospital. I believe the first poster I ever put on my wall as a pre-teen was John Stamos!!

  5. how can you even talk about this shallow stuff when the whole world is mourning. I know you dont have kids and you don't like kids but c'm on


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