Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: The Animal Print Shop

I've long admired the work of Sharon Montrose, the animal lover and photographer extraordinaire behind The Animal Print Shop (I've written about her here, here and here). Sharon's a woman after my own heart: She's had the same best friend for 24 years, and she Googles everything. And, she's got 11 published photography books under her belt and works with some of the world's foremost pet industry brands. How cool is that? Read on for more about the history of her shop! xoxo

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Tell me about The Animal Print Shop. What's the inspiration behind its launch?
The Animal Print Shop is an online gallery created to sell my animal photography. I launched the shop in 2008 after folks started inquiring about where to purchase prints from my animal series (it was showcased on my portfolio site only back then).

Why do you think people have responded so well to the prints? What is it about animal photography that is so popular?
Gosh, I'm not sure what makes people respond, but seeing how beloved the prints are makes the hard work of running the shop totally worth it.

What is your favorite piece in your shop and why?
Ha! That's like asking a parent who their favorite child is! I love them all for different reasons : ) [Editor's note: A couple of my favorites are her Little Darlings and Cats series

P.S. I love her Dog Photo Booth too, don't you?


  1. I absolutely adore Sharon's work & when I feel down, especially, I go to her site(s). She is superb. Thank you for this, Melissa!


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