Monday, December 31, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Fabricadabra

I'm so excited to share interviews with a few new faces as we move into the New Year. First up: Donna of Fabricadabra, a beautiful line of decorative pillows, covers, throws and inserts (doesn't the name just make you smile?). Donna's story is an inspiring one: Wanting to get out of the corporate ho-hum, she took a risk when she was 40 and left her job. Now, four years later, she's running her company -- all by herself. Read on to learn more about her journey and take a peek at her gorgeous designs! xoxo

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So tell me about you and your shop. What's the inspiration behind its launch?
I went live with Fabricadabra four years ago this month after six months of developing product, sourcing vendors, building the inventory and getting the Web site up. I have always worked in textiles and knew that I wanted to bring home-textile products to the market that were relatively affordable and reflected my personal interest in globally inspired, handcrafted and non-toxic home textiles. I was bored and uninspired with poor quality, mass-produced textiles. I finally decided to just do it when I saw these outrageously priced (but beautiful) pillows using a certain ancient weaving technique all over the shelter mags. I found it offensive that the company was trying to claim design ownership of timeless, classic motifs and charge 25 times the cost as its sell price.

What are your tips for people looking for great online shopping deals?
They are everywhere, thanks to the Internet and our global marketplace. Etsy, ebay and fair trade web-based companies have so much to offer. If you want a Moroccan rag rug or boucherouite, look for a seller based in that country for the best deal. Just be careful because not all E tsy and ebay sellers are established businesses. To minimize the risk, make sure that you investigate the person or company and read the feedback from previous buyers. If you want to pay top dollar, then go to any brick and mortar store that ends its company name with the word "Gallery."

What are some of your winter style tips?
I live in New England and winter is truly the longest season, so I just try to get through it practically. Wear layers of breathable, warm wool. Top it off with a crazy wool poncho, scarf and clashing hat and mittens. Tuck your cords or jeans into your broken-in Frye boots and -- voila! -- you are a beautiful disaster.
What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
I love the Hmong Hilltribe hand embroidered, patchwork fabric throws. They are stunning, and the images need to be re-shot to reflect this. They are handmade in Thailand and Vietnam from scraps of hemp and cotton indigo batik and printed fabrics that the Hilltribe people use to make their clothing. I am fascinated by the Hilltribe culture. After the throws, the West Ghanan Africa indigo-dyed fabrics that I use for pillows are a personal favorite. They look beautiful against a white or natural upholstery fabric. It is a very crisp, coastal look.

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