Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hello, 2013...Happy New Year!

Wow! What an amazing year 2012 was!! Some highlights: Adding full-time blogger to my resume, new writing opportunities, good times with friends and family, plenty of happiness and most importantly, learning to be comfortable in my own skin!!!!

Happy New Year, my wonderful friends!! May 2013 bring you happiness, magic and lots of love!! Now go get 'em!!

P.S. One of the first songs I heard today was the Beatles' Here Comes The Sun. I'm taking that as a sign of good things to come in the year ahead! :)


  1. Happy New Year lovely!

    I hope 2013 will bring a few of the mentioned awesome-ness to my life :)


  2. That's a very nice picture of you. All the best to you for the new year. You look happy and ready to get started.

  3. So cool that you're a full-time blogger! Happy New Year! xx

  4. Thanks, everyone!! Here's to a wonderful year ahead!! xoxo

  5. Happy New Year, Melissa! Cheers.

  6. Happy New Year 2013 Melissa!

    I hope this new year will treat you well. Kisses from France,


  7. Happy New Year Beautiful!!!! All the best for the next!!!! Positive vibes your way :)

  8. Thanks, friends!! Hope you all are enjoying 2013 so far!! xoxo

  9. Hey Melissa, happy 2013! Cheers to a happy and joyful new year! It looks like 2012 treated you quite well -- I read your pieces on XOXO Jane recently and was ecstatic to see an old blog buddy pop up in a new daily reading favorite! I'm hoping to get back into blogging this year, after a long hiatus, and look forward to reading your posts here again, too!


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