Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama Inauguration

It seems like it was just four years ago when President Obama took his first oath of office. Did you watch the Presidential Inauguration festivities yesterday, friends? It was quite inspiring, to say the least...

And his second inauguration address was pretty fantastic, too. The full transcript of the speech and more Inauguration photos.

P.S. Obama as Man Candy, singing Al Green, his sweet moment with Michelle and winning his second term.


  1. I thought it was SO WONDERFUL that the inauguration happened on MLK day. Seeing all the proud faces of our minority community on a day honoring a The King of equal rights brought tears to my eyes. So many happy faces, a great speech by our president, and a wonderful occasion.

    I just LOVE Michelle Obama too, I love how much love is in her face when she looks at her children and husband, and I love the confidence that our president exudes.

    Beautiful day!

    Namaste, R

  2. I am an unabashed fan, and I though his speech was wonderful–but I think the private swearing in in the Blue Room was my favorite moment from this Inauguration!

  3. Congratulations to our president, and here's to four great years ahead!


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