Monday, January 14, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Annasee

Anna lives and breathes creativity. Her Etsy shop Annasee celebrates her love of illustration and design -- both big and small. Her artistic eye is behind prints of birds, wildlife, fashion and cityscapes. Read on for the scoop on why she opened her shop and what we can expect from the world of art in 2013! xoxo
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Tell me about your shop. What's the inspiration behind its launch?
My shop features my wide variety of artwork and the different styles and media I work in -- whether it be hand-pulled carved linocut prints or digital illustrative pieces. I actually started my shop on a whim as I was barely a year out of art school and was having trouble finding a full-time job (it was a rough year economically to graduate), so I decided to open a shop on Etsy selling some of the pieces I already had as I thought I really had nothing to lose. The rest is history!

What are some trends we're seeing as we move into the new year as far as artwork goes?
Color! I think I've been truly embracing happy, glorious color lately, and I see that shift as people are hungry for something bright, cheery and uplifting to put on their walls and surround themselves with. I feel like this also applies to fashion as there's a bright neon color accent trend going on; given the current economic climate, I think color reflects an optimistic outlook that people would like to have for the future. Of course, it doesn't have to be a rainbow of colors, but it can be more sophisticated color palette.

What are some things people should keep in mind when shopping for artwork?
Purchase artwork that makes you happy as artwork can really set the tone for a room and house, and know that when you buy directly from artists, you are supporting the handmade community as it is this support that enables the work to be produced. Additionally, I think people have to be very careful that they are purchasing the "real thing." I've had my artwork lifted and sold as someone else's own and oftentimes, we look at the lower price rather than the quality. It affects independent artists and designers so much when people shop at places -- big corporations and small companies alike -- that blatantly steal images from artists without any compensation.

What are some ways that people can decorate for less?
Online sites like Etsy, ebay, and Craigslist are great sources for affordable pieces that people can use to decorate for less. Aside from that, I love doing DIY stuff and following the many awesome DIY tutorials that are often posted on various blogs. I also love perusing local thrift stores for amazing finds. You'd be amazed at how much you can change the look of something with just a little creativity and DIY! Having something look good doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money!

What is your favorite piece in your shop and why?I don't think I have one particular "favorite" piece as I feel like a mother and that they are all my children. But I have a special spot for my House Sparrow as that is the first ever linocut piece I did.

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