Monday, January 28, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Very Jane

It's no secret that I have quite a fondness for online shopping; it's all the excitement of shopping, but without those pesky crowds. So when I discovered Very Jane, I was pretty thrilled, to say the least. The site gathers the best boutique deals from around the Web every day; you can even have them delivered right to your email. Read on for more scoop on online shopping as well as tips, tricks and trends! xoxo

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So tell me a bit about Very Jane. What was the inspiration behind its launch?
Very Jane is a boutique daily deals site. We sell everything from kid’s accessories and home decor to hand-stamped jewelry and crafting supplies. We offer between 10-12 deals each day for up to 75% off! We are lucky to work with sellers all over the nation who allow us to feature their products on our site. The inspiration behind its launch was two-fold: 1). Allow small business owners the opportunity for greater exposure and 2). Provide quality products to customers at a significant discount. We love working with both our customers and our sellers to provide the best deals possible.

How have trends and the culture of online shopping changed since you started the site?
We can’t say enough about the power of social media. That is perhaps the biggest change we have seen in the past year. Posting (on Facebook), blogging, pinning, and tweeting our deals is huge for the culture of online shopping as far as Very Jane is concerned! It’s not to say that all of these social media tools didn’t exist when the site was launched in April 2011, but we feel they have blossomed into more powerful and effective tools in the past 20 months.

What are the most popular deals that people are looking for when they come to Very Jane?
Oh, that is tough to say. Different customers are looking for different items. A lot of customers are delighted to find unique, handmade items for themselves or to gift. Some of our most popular deals seem to be “knock-offs” of trendy/popular jewelry. Many in our audience base love the fun children’s clothing and accessories too.

Where do you see the site in 5 years?
Just in this year alone, we plan on seeing the site offering more items to encompass a greater audience. We also see us fine-tuning some of our processes to provide a better overall shopping experience.
What's been the most popular item you've had?
Our most popular item has been the bubble bib necklaces. The first time we offered them, sales went through the roof! Our customers love statement necklaces, but these were more popular than we could have imagined.

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