Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Would You Rather: Take an old-fashioned or modern approach to love?

A couple years ago, we talked about being old-fashion in love, and you can probably guess where I stood on the issue. But the funny thing? True, I still may have some old-fashioned notions when it comes to marriage and that little thing called virginity, yet these days, I feel like I'm looking at love through a more modern lens. Being modern -- at least to me -- means holding tight to who you are and not apologizing for your choices or your life.
Which would you rather be, friends? Do you approach love and dating with modern views or old-fashioned tendencies? Do you think one is inherently better than the other? Or, do you think it's possible to be hybrid of the two? Let's chat! xoxo

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  1. I am completely modern, but appreciate having my door opened for me.

    This was an excellent question, my friend.

  2. I love this question! I think for me, it's a mixture of the two that fits my lfiestyle!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. Same here, Girlie -- i think there's a middle ground somewhere!

  4. That's awesome, Chelsea -- and thanks for following! xoxo

  5. My boyfriend and I kissed the first night we met, but we also now regularly write cards/letters to each other. So I suppose I fluctuate between both modern and old-fashioned!

  6. I would probably say I am more old fashioned in this regard, though I do also see myself as in independent woman.

    My husband and I didn't move in until we were married or spent the night or anything. But, I don't require flowers or anything either!

  7. I think that, given the fact that we're in the year 2013, we have to be willing to find a happy medium between the two. We can hold on to our old-fashioned romantic desires, but we have to modify them {without compromising our beliefs} to meet today's standards. :)

  8. I think for me I would have both options because if you like someone and want the guy to talk to you it may never happen . Sometimes I think it's better to just say hi first ..
    Thanks Melissa and hope you are doing well :) Happy New Year

  9. John and I call our approach backwards, or as I prefer, "Non-Traditional Traditionalists". The big milestones are important to us, but the way we get there, or the order in which they arrive, aren't as important as the love that fuels them.

  10. Lena, i love that!

    It's great to see that lots of you are a combination of the two...looks like a great balance!


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