Friday, February 08, 2013

Fashion Friday: Cats In Clothes

Talk about fancy felines! As if I wasn't already a self-described (and proud!) cat lady, leave it to artist Heather Mattoon to give me another reason to say, "Awww." She began her series Cats In Clothes when she painted her adorable -- and stylish -- cat wearing a trench coat. The series has since expanded to include other fabulous felines, each dressed in duds that reflect their personality. I love how each print comes with a hilarious description of its subject. That's Morris James Fischer, above, who is well-dressed, has great manners and is very observant. A few more cuties that caught my eye...
Savannah is a city girl, feminine and fierce! She takes kick-boxing classes and works as a wine buying consultant.
Brewster does not like walking to school in the snow.
Elise is 3 years old. She likes to eat clovers from the back yard. She says " I love you clover!" and then gobbles them up, she says it tastes like lemon.
Cooper walks alone most of the time, wondering where he left his journal last.

Mattoon even designs greeting cards and offers custom prints of your cat! Hmmm...I can just picture Harry in a dapper suit and Stella in a Sue Sylvester-inspired track suit. xoxo

[Via Honestly WTF]


  1. I love these. I have one hanging in my daughter's room. :]

  2. My cousin is cat-obsessed! Looks like I'll be sending these her way!


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