Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Found: 8 ways to stay warm in the winter

Gemma Correll pretty much captured the way I'm feeling this morning. The minute I stepped outside, I was hit with that sort of windy, biting, blistery cold air that only reminds you of one thing: It's still winter. Although this Midwestern winter has been tame compared to years past, this week brought downright bone-chilling temps -- the kind that make you want to curl up on the couch and perfect your British accent while enjoying a Downton Abbey marathon (which I did...). But, we can't hibernate all winter. So, in the name of staying warm, here are my top picks for those cold days...
2. Fleece slippers, $22
3. Sunbeam electric blanket, $44.95
4. Foods like nuts, which are high in healthy fats, help the body regulate its temperature. My go-to nut? The classic peanut.
5. Williams-Sonoma hot chocolate, starting at $6.99
6. Hearty winter soup (tomato is my favorite)
7. A warm bubble bath ($9) will prepare your body for sleep.
8. LOTS of sunshine to make your soul smile -- it's free!

What do you think, friends? What would you add? Anything special on your "winter must-have" list? xoxo


  1. that drawing is def me! i am always cold!

  2. Hahaha, me too!!! :) Maybe that's why I love summer so much!

  3. My husband has a bit of a sock fetish and has really made me appreciate a nice pair of thick, cozy wool socks. :)

  4. We don't use the heater (it smells like sticking your head in an oven!), so my feet were freeeezing this morning and I brushed my teeth wrapped in a fleecy blanket–brrr!

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  6. One of my favorite things I love about winter is snuggling under blankets, eating soup (tomato is my favorite too) & drinking hot cocoa. Love everything about your picks!

    Flounces & Hubbub

  7. California girl moving to the East Coast? I sooo need this! Thank you!

  8. Minnesota has been sub-zero lately. I could use some POW! mittens, for sure.

  9. I'm with Lena- bring on the fleecy jammies and the fleece sheets! I'm also a fan of large pots of hot soup (as, apparently, is Taylor). And I can't live without my long-johns!


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