Thursday, February 28, 2013

Peek Inside: My first blog reading!

Remember when we mused about the kind of writer we were, friends? Well, this weekend, I have the opportunity to read a couple excerpts from my blog. Out loud! In front of an audience! I've been asked to be one of the guest speakers at my Unitarian church on Sunday as part of a sermon on women and their writing.

I'll be the first to admit that this opportunity both excites me and sends waves of terrors down my spine. It's funny because I was just telling my mother the other day that I don't go back and re-read a lot of my writing. After five years, I think I could count on one hand the number of posts I've actually gone back and re-read. I hold all my writing very close to my heart, but I sometimes feel like a mama bird. After awhile, it's time to let go and let your words and writing soar beyond the keyboard. Does that make sense? Maybe this is common among writers? That sometimes reading your own words aloud is akin to sitting with your new boyfriend in your living room while your parents "oooh" and "ahhh" over videos of your first day of kindergarten.

Because, really, it's one thing to write from your heart and hit the publish button, but it's quite another to stand in front of a group of people -- no matter how well you know them -- and give a strong voice to said words. So, I suppose it's a matter of owning your words in a new way of sorts. Giving them a voice with the same feelings that you felt in your heart as your hands typed away on the keyboard.
By now, I'm sure you can tell how important words have always been to me. They transport you to faraway places. They bring you home again. They make you laugh. They make you cry. They've been my own window to the world -- during those time when the literal window in my hospital room only looked out over a courtyard or I'd have to spend part of the summer inside recuperating from a surgery. Words allowed me to express what I was feeling; it was one of those rare times when I felt completely free.

In a way, then, I suppose I owe words themselves quite a bit of gratitude for everything they've given me. I've been asked to read a couple excerpts from my blog this Sunday, and I'm still trying to figure out which ones to choose. I've covered so many topics over the last five years -- from the fun to the serious -- and it's hard to narrow it down. Right now, I'm leaning toward an excerpt from this Open Letter To My Father or something about my disability and love.

What do you think, friends? What would you choose? Do you have a favorite post, or one that really resonated with you? I'd love your input!! xoxo


  1. All of your posts are great. I'd have a hard time choosing. What a great opportunity for you! Congratulations and you'll do great I'm sure.

  2. Congrats on your opportunity! I'd pick the disability and love one. I don't think it's a story that's shared often and it'll probably be the first time your audience has listened to such a speech.

  3. Hmm hard question since you're really good at what you're doing! Also love the design on you blog! Keep it up! Xo Caroline

  4. This is so exciting–but certainly a little nerve-wracking, too! I love where your head is on what to read, since those pieces particularly highlight your unique experience (and what makes you such an incredible blogger/author)!


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