Thursday, February 07, 2013

What are your favorite baby names?

We've talked about baby names before, and it's weird because even though I'm still not sure if I'll ever have kids, the topic of baby names has always fascinated me. Where they come from. Which ones are popular. How they change in popularity over the years. Why parents choose one name over -- literally! -- thousands of others.
My parents had names picked out, even before I was born. If I was a boy, they were going to name me Timothy (can't say I'm a fan of that one...), and for a girl, they were set on, well, Melissa -- apparently, my mom had loved the name since she was young. The inspiration for my sister's name -- Janelle -- came from a family my mom met while I was in the hospital. And I get to choose her middle name, Elizabeth, which was a pretty big responsibility in my four-year-old mind.
There are so many great names to watch out for in 2013, according to BabyCenter's top ten list. Haha, looks like I was ahead of the trend when I named my Cabbage Patch Doll Emma wayyy back in the '80s.
What baby names do you love, friends? What's the story behind your name? Is it a family name? Or maybe it's something your parents chose at the last minute? What are your kids' names? If you don't have kids, do you have names picked out for when the special day comes? xoxo
P.S. A special announcement is coming up this afternoon! :) Excited?

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  1. Growing up I hated that I could never find one of those name license plates, or that my name was never on these lists–but these days, I love it! My mama said I came to her in a dream during some Braxton Hicks contractions and told her my name–I've always wondered if she made the story up, though!

  2. I love Carter! That's a name I never considered but really like.

  3. i know....never would have thought of it either, tiffany! it's got a nice ring to it!

  4. If I ever have a boy I want to name him James and if I ever have girl I want to name her Audrey. =P

  5. I really like the name Marla (like the lass in fight club), my boyfriend's mum likes the name India (but my bfs last name is Summers, so that'd be weird, despite me liking it too). Both me and my bf decided on Oscar, Ted or Noah for a boy. They're a good, old strong names. I think boys should have strong names so they try to live up to them in later life. I know that's an odd thought and I doubt anyone does that, but if I was choosing a name for a boy, it's the main thing I'd think of xx

  6. Nice to know that my daughters, Emily and Abigail are still on the top 20. They are 21 and 25 years old now! And my dog, Layla is #20!!


  7. I didn't meet another Mia until I was in high school so it's so crazy to see that it's such a common name these days! I named my son Van as a little nod to one of my favorite artists, Van Morrison. I liked that it was short and somewhat unusual. Not so unusual that it's unheard of, but just unusual enough to ensure that he won't be one of seven Vans in his class like all the poor Jessicas and Ashleys I went to school with!

  8. I would name my son Daniel Eugene, after my best friend and then my uncle, respectively. If I had a daughter though.. I'm thinking Susanna Helene. Oh I don't know :D xx

  9. So bizarre - my name is Melissa and I have a brother called Timothy, and my middle name is Elizabeth.

    What a small world!

    Melissa was a popular name when I was born - there were 3 Melissas in my class. My mom always knew I was going to be a girl and she loved the name Melissa. Basically, because her name is Melanie, and she liked the idea of having a daughter whose name started with the 3 same letters.

    It is weird how massive a decision a baby name is - I mean it shapes a person's entire identity. I don't know who I would be if I weren't a Melissa!

    Thanks for sharing:)

  10. Behind my name is no special story, my parents just liked the name "Annika". I don't think the name really matches me, I guess I would have named myself Viktoria, simply because I feel like one :D

    For babys, I really love the names Raphael and Leyla. But I don't think I'm going to have children, so these are the names I call my fictional book characters :D

  11. grrrr i'm bummed that Liam is number 1! i've been saving that as its a family name for me. hahaha, okay maybe i need to tone it down a few notches, i'm not even married...

    xo the egg out west.

  12. My parents took turns naming their kids. First, my dad picked Aubrey after the song by Bread. Then it was my mom's turn. She picked Laura after her aunt. Then for the last child, my dad picked Amanda after the song by Boston. See a pattern?

    The only name I had ever thought about was Lydia for a daughter. We've had just the one boy so far and we went with Jude. Our next boy will probably be named Ezra.


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