Friday, March 01, 2013

Have a great weekend

Happy Friday, friends! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I've got my big read on Sunday and have decided to read an excerpt from this recent Open Letter To My Father since the anniversary of his death is coming up. Wish me luck! Have a cozy weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...
Oh, the trauma of school pictures.

The importance of being body-positive.

This bunny just oozes adorableness, doesn't it?

Bow love.

Loving these little nesting bowls...they'd make a great housewarming gift.

How to be as awesome as Jennifer Lawrence.

Happy 90th birthday, Time magazine!

Said To Lady Journos makes me very sad.

10 lessons from Father of the Bride -- one of my favorite movies!

A grandmother's love.

The Content Idea Generator will create article headlines based on words or phrases you plug in.

Transgender first grader challenges Colorado school's bathroom policy.

Are you excited for spring?

Cooking would be so fun with these colorful teaspoons.

De-stressing through laughter.

A chocolate frosted donut? Yes, please!

Don't worry.

Good to know: Email etiquette.

One reason online dating freaks me out.

Six writers take short voyages.

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[Photo via bippity boppity boo]

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  1. Good luck with the speech! You will be great dear! ooh Jennifer Lawrence - she is SO funny and stylish!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living


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