Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NYC Diaries: 5 ways to prepare for spring

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Let’s talk weather. Here in New York, the sky is dreary and overcast and filled with the promise of rain. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind a rainy day every once in a while. But after a long winter of bitter cold and snowstorms, I think I speak for most people when I say that we’re itching for spring. And this is NOT the springtime weather we had in mind. I was hoping for bright flowers and blooming trees and no more reason to wear my coat. And with the proverbial April showers well on their way, it doesn’t look like Mother Nature is giving us a break here.

So how do we stave off the blues during this extended winter? How do we manage to keep a positive attitude amidst the monotony and lack of sunshine? Here are five tips on surviving these next few weeks and welcoming spring the right way...

Get a head start on that spring cleaning
My mom used to tell me all the time: Don’t wait until tomorrow to accomplish something you can do today. So what are you waiting for? Instead of wasting a beautiful spring day stuck inside with chores, why not get it done while the weather is refusing to cooperate? Pack away the jackets and heavy sweaters you won’t need for another few seasons and start filling up your closets with the cheery sundresses and blouses you’ll be rocking within the next month.

Pamper yourself
To me, there’s nothing more uplifting than a spa day. Allow yourself to feel pretty, and get your nails or hair done at the local salon. You’re not just getting ready for a date or party; you’re prepping for a whole new season. So enjoy the wait because getting ready is half the fun.

Work off those last few pounds
This one follows the theme of preparation. Don’t just be passive and wait for the warm weather to arrive. Greet spring head-on by shedding the weight you put on over the holidays and get bikini-ready by the first beach-weather day of the year.

Create a springy atmosphere
Every season requires a bit of redecorating. So get rid of the poinsettias and wintry vanilla-scented candles, and replace them with boldly colored flowers and tropical scents. Sunflowers always put me in a great mood, especially on the dullest days. Even if the outdoors is a rainy mess, your home (or office or dorm) can be a springtime paradise.

Hit the mall
This is my favorite tip! I’m BIG on shopping, and what better time to update your spring/summer wardrobe? Stores are already selling shorts and bathing suits, so that will definitely put you in a warmer-weather mood. A lot of places are also having sales on winter clothes, so you can always stock up on those for next year!
So there you are...some ideas to make this dreary transition period more enjoyable. I hope you have a lovely time, and don’t let the weather get you down too much. Happy spring! And let me know: How are you preparing for the springtime?

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--By Caitlin from Stream of Caitlinness 

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  1. I'm working to shed off those extra pounds I gained in the winter!! Can't wait!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Agreed with Chloe! And I've been pampering myself. Great tips, Caitlin!

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  4. Good tips! All seem pretty do-able...except the third one. Since the weather is still cool, I'm temped by delicious, warm sweets, like cookies or cupcakes or hot cocoa :P
    Flounces & Hubbub


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