Tuesday, March 12, 2013

X-ray save-the-dates

When it comes to save-the-dates, my favorite kinds are those that tell a mini story about the bride and groom and are a true reflection of who they are. Doctors and future husband-and-wife team Ellie and Seth wanted to do something non-traditional, so they used a chest x-ray photo as the basis for their save-the-date and had the hand-lettering screen printed in a teal-colored ink.
I love all the little doctor-y touches too, like the large x-ray envelopes that were hand-stamped with Confidential and X-Ray Official Test Results – Do Not Bend. I bet guests really thought there were test results in their mailboxes! What a fun idea!
Would you ever do something like this, friends? Have you? What's the most original and creative save-the-date you've ever received? Why did it catch your attention? xoxo
P.S. Balloon and paper doll save-the-dates.

[Save-the-dates designed by Ladyfingers Letterpress, via Oh So Beautiful Paper]


  1. this is SO FUNNY - b/c i actually talked about this idea with Joe - i didn't know people did this ACTUALLY thing - i thought i was being all 'unique' and stuff - darn

  2. THESE ARE FANTASTIC! I agree that save the dates (and weddings in general) shouldn't be generic. They should be completely personal.

  3. I have mixed feelings! While they're very original and clever, I don't think I would expose myself to radiation for no reason.


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