Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blog Redesign Week: What do you love most about blogging?

Oh, where do I even begin? I fell in love with blogging from the moment my first post went live. While I've loved writing for newspapers over the years, blogging is decidedly more instantaneous, which is something I love. With the click of your mouse, you can send a post out into the world and get instant feedback on your words -- both good and bad feedback. Plus, blogging is inherently a creative endeavor, and I've loved being able to put my own spin on things. There's really nothing like self-expression for a writer. And by far, the most rewarding aspect of blogging for me has been the sense of community and all the wonderful friends I've made. You think blogging is this huge, faceless universe, but really, it's a small, tight-knit community of people who really care about each other. We get involved in each other's lives. We cheer each other on. It's great to have those sorts of people in your life.

Over the years, I've experimented with different topics and have found that as long as you're passionate about the subject, your readers will respond to it. I love writing honestly about my life and my disability, as well as Letters To My Future Husband. And of course, I can't resist throwing some fun things in the mix, like music, shopping, food, design, home d├ęcor and fashion. I've always thought of my blog as an online magazine and like to post about a variety of things.

When I began blogging, honestly, I wasn't sure anyone would even read my blog or even care about what I had to say. There are millions of blogs out there, all vying for people's attention. But over the years, I've tried to write from the heart and write honestly about myself and my life. That, more than anything, has really resonated with people. Especially where my disability is concerned, I think it's made people think twice about all those ridiculous stereotypes they may have believed. Just thinking about that puts a huge smile on my face.
How long have you been blogging, friends? What is your favorite part of the process? Writing? Meeting other bloggers? Snapping photos of your travels -- or of your adorable kitten? What are your favorite kinds of topics to write about? xoxo
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  1. What I think is amazing is how brilliantly and expressively you write about blogging–I feel like whenever I try to capture my feelings or explain it to others, I turn into this inarticulate turd! That said, after more than 4 years, what I love most about blogging is creating a home for people who love what I love, and sharing new things with them. There's a wedding blog for every stripe, and I enjoy being just one of them.

  2. Im going on 3 years and I love it. And, I'm with you- I write about whatever moves me. I find it really hard to stick to one topic...but I like to think I have something for everyone.


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