Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Do you keep a journal?

In recent years, people have shifted from pen-and-paper to mouse-and-keyboard to record their lives. I used to be an avid journal-keeper (as evidenced by all these entries...), but I've noticed that I've abandoned my journals since I started blogging. Honestly, I sort of miss it -- the feel of the smooth, crisp pages, the way the pen felt in your hand, the fun of choosing exactly the right color pen to use (because it was a very important decision, you know...). I found a stack of my old journal while I was cleaning my room awhile ago, and I got a kick out of reading through some of the entries. Oh, the thrill and excitement of being a kid! Oh, the awkwardness of being a teenager! Oh, the stress of that quarter-life crisis.
I once interview life coach Kate Larsen on the power of putting pen to paper, and I love her takeaway: “Journaling is a powerful gift you give yourself. It captures your thinking, helps process life and perceptions and can be used to capture the evolution of YOU.”
I never thought about journaling being a gift to yourself, but Larsen is so right, don't you think, friends? Do you keep a journal? Why or why not? Has what you write about changed over the years? What's important to you when journaling?
P.S. A Peek Inside is coming your way soon! :)
P.P.S. Looking for something to write about? Journal Sparks has some awesome writing prompts.
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  1. yes and no - i have 2 journals - and then i have my computer journal - i sometimes write in a 'book' - sometimes just type a way -

  2. Thanks for giving me something to think about! I've found the same - since I've been blogging I don't journal as much. I have found though that there is something about pen and paper that is really important, and when I am working through how I feel about certain things (especially big decisions) I tend to write a lot down in order to process what's going on. Forming the letters on a page feels different from typing somehow.

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  4. It's funny, I journal when I'm in a crisis but never when I'm happy–I wonder if writing all the time wouldn't help!

  5. I've kept something, either a diary, a journal, a livejournal, or a blog for what seems like forever! It's my favorite pastime!

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  6. Journaling is so good but I like typing it better because I can get my thoughts out quicker. I do love the prettiness of journals, thuogh. :-)

  7. I've journaled since I was 11 and I love that writing in a paper journal slows my thoughts down and makes them more organized and clear. There's a lot to be said for journaling as therapy, I think. If people don't express themselves regularly when they don't need to, I think they might lose the knack to do so when they really need it! Like Melissa, it helps me with self-reflection, problem-solving, and deep inner evaluation, aside from being a historical record of my life. :)

  8. I just started journaling again and I forgot how much I adore it.

  9. Oh, I love what Larsen said. I too have kept a handwritten and illustrated journal since I was a kid. It's fun to read it and it definitely has helped me figure out things. Writing does that. It's wonderful!


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