Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dream Home do or don't: Color blocking walls

We still haven't found the time to do any sort painting around our house, and my mom has this habit of reminding us of all those little spots that need a touch-up. The bathroom. The baseboards. That rather large dent in the wall in the hallway where I had a rather unfortunate encounter when my wheelchair suddenly slid into it head-on -- though, in my defense, my sister had just finished washing the hardwood floor before I did said little wheelchair dance on it.

In my grand attempt to add lots of pops of color to our stark-white walls (every wall in our house is white...this saddens me quite a bit), I've been lobbying to paint our front door neon pink. My mom isn't on board with the idea yet, but maybe she'd go for color blocking our walls? It would definitely add a pop of color!

Would you ever try this, friends? Have you? What colors would you choose? Any you'd definitely stay away from? xoxo

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