Monday, April 22, 2013

Family Photos: Happy Earth Day!

My mom has always been a big fan of nature photography. In fact, I've often told her that she should moonlight as a nature photographer when she retires. She has an amazing knack for capturing nature at its rawest and most honest in such an intimate way. Framed photos of her sunsets, beach shots and fall foliage dot our hallways, and in honor of Earth Day, here are a few more of my favorite shots. The two above are from our classic walks during the summer.

The Gulf of Mexico is such a soothing and peaceful place for us -- it's always been like our second home. What is it about waves that is so calming?

How are you celebrating Earth Day, friends? What do you love about the great outdoors? Favorite activity? Favorite outdoor sport? I'd love to hear! xoxo


  1. What wonderful photos! It's positively gorgeous in SF today so I'm looking forward to dining alfresco and strolling through Golden Gate Park!

  2. I completely forget it was earth day today!! I love smelling flowers outside!! I could do that all day long!

    Ergo - Blog

  3. so stunning! Happy Earth Day, my dear friend.

  4. pretty pics of mother nature! i didnt do anything for earth day but i shouldve! anthropologie had a ton of fun events with plants, etc.


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