Thursday, April 18, 2013

Must-see: Dove's new ad campaign

Have you guys seen Dove's new Real Beauty Sketches ad campaign? I've always admired the beauty brand's body-positive message, and their newest approach encourages women to see themselves through the eyes of a stranger because "you are more beautiful than you think." Dove asked seven women of different ages and backgrounds to describe themselves while a sketch artist brought their descriptions to life. When these drawings were then compared to sketches of the women as they're described by a random stranger, it became crystal clear: Women were looking through a fun house mirror! Look at how different those sketches are -- of the same woman...
What do you think, friends? Isn't it inspiring? xoxo


  1. This is such a wonderful concept, I love it! We are all too often our own worst critiques!

  2. i saw this yesterday and it brought tears to my eyes. such a great lesson for all of us to stop being so hard on ourselves!

  3. It's an interesting concept but I'm a little uneasy with it of the idea that women gain value from because of the way they look. I think that although it may seem like a cuddly idea but essentially it's about Dove selling stuff by playing on female insecurities. It's just done in a new way.

    Wow, I am cynical. :-(

  4. Yes! Absolutely! I have my own what gs about this (as you know) and I love what they did.

  5. It's incredible how differently they saw themselves. I just ADORE dove. :)

  6. This was amazing! I love Dove for always having such fantastic campaigns<3 Thanks for sharing!

  7. this is such a powerful campaign - it's crazy how we don't ever really see ourselves.
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