Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NYC Diaries: Why I only date nerds

I LOVED Melissa’s post yesterday about the 5 types of guys every girl should be crushing on. And since relationships and dating have been on my mind so much lately, I thought this was the perfect topic to write about. While I’ve had my share of crushes on all different types of men, I’ve found that those who would likely fall under the category of “nerd” make the best boyfriends. Sure, they get bad reputations about never seeing sunlight and living in the basement fixated on their Dungeons and Dragons or World of Warcraft. And sure, they can be a bit socially awkward. But underneath the 5 o’clock shadow and duct-taped glasses is often what every girl has been searching the world for: an amazing Prince Charming. Don’t believe me? Fine. I’ll give you 3 reasons why your Knight in shining armor is probably an actual Knight in shining armor in some fictional online world...

They’re smart
Nerds come in all kinds; there are history buffs, gamers, bookworms, etc. There’s no singular mold that defines what exactly the typical nerd looks or acts like, but I can assure you that you’ll probably know a nerd when you see one. But whether they’re “book smart” or just really obsessed with Star Wars, nerds are insanely knowledgeable when it comes to their particular fields of interest. And like Melissa often reminds us, brains can be extremely sexy.

They have the potential to be stylish
Who doesn’t want a guy who can dress well and look snazzy? When you date a nerd, you can rest assured that he won’t be wearing pants that constantly expose his rear end or eight pounds of metal accessories in an attempt to look like a bad-ass. Classic “nerdy” wardrobe choices -- like bow ties, sweater vests or a flattering pair of glasses -- can be very attractive on the right person.

They (usually) aren’t jerks
When you date a guy who knows he’s hot and is used to getting whatever girl he wants, he probably won’t know how to appreciate you. But a nerd who doesn’t normally see much action will most likely treat you the way you deserve. Nerds are also often less shallow and superficial, too. So I’m not sure if this is any comfort to you, but your nerdy man is typically more interested in your gaming skills than the way you did your hair and makeup. But then again, that’s not an entirely bad thing, right? Happy dating!
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--By Caitlin from Stream of Caitlinness

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  1. Great post! I love it and absolutely agree! Nerds are definitely awesome. Smart, funny, sweet...the whole package.

  2. Nerd lover right here! They're usually awesome kissers too ;-)


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