Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pictionary proposal

Reddit justmli used everyone's favorite drawing-and-guessing game to propose to his girlfriend of more than a year. He took the Pictionary card with the word marry on it, and, using his Photoshop skills, added the word me.
He then invited some friends over for a rousing evening of game playing. Midway through the night, he slyly put his romantic plan into action.
His girlfriend drew the lucky card. "She started drawing and we all started guessing," he says. "I was already on my knee and had the ring hidden in my hand. As she drew, I shouted out a lot of fake guesses. I wanted her to work for it."
"Finally, when the moment was right, I shouted “MARRY ME!” and she said “yeah!" -- excited that I had finally guessed it. Then I looked at her, held out the ring and calmly said, “Will you marry me?” She was equal parts shocked and confused, and it took her a good few seconds to realize what was happening."
Even more romantic? The couple is saving that little drawing that changed both their lives. "The end," he says at the end of his story. "Actually, the beginning..."

How sweet is that? What game would you choose for the perfect proposal? I'd go with Monopoly! xoxo


  1. Omg that I love this! What a romantic and fun way for him to propose :)


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