Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A man and his moon

Leonid Tishkov, a Russian physician and artist, has got the whole moon in his hands -- literally. His latest photo series Private Moon celebrates his love and fascination with the celestial wonder. Tishkov traveled all over the world with his life-sized moon, snapping magical and romantic photos along the way. The project, which has taken the artist to places like China, France, New Zealand and The Arctic, tells the story of "a man who met the moon and stayed with her forever," he says. "The moon is a shining point that brings people together from different countries, of different nationalities and cultures - everyone who gets in its orbit does not forget it ever. It gives fairy tale and poetry in our prosy and mercantile world."

Don't you love how whimsical the photos are? They'd be perfect for a children's book! xoxo

[Via The Design Ark]


  1. Those photos are awesome - love them! xxx

  2. They really are magical... thank you for sharing his work.


  3. The last one is definitely my fave! That lighthouse? Too cool!


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