Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bohemian wedding

Remember when I shared my new-found love for the awesomeness that is Portlandia? Well, Amanda and Cody's  bohemian wedding celebrates the city's laid-back style at its best...

They were married at the summit of Mount Tabor, a gorgeous park just outside of Portland. They wrote their own ceremony and their own vows! And their loved ones formed a circle around them as they said, "I do."

Although there was never a set theme for the wedding, Amanda said she leaned toward more vintage-y pieces and wanted the overall feel to be like their home, where nothing matched. "More than anything we wanted our wedding to be down-to-earth and relaxed," she said. "We wanted it to be a reflection of our love and us as individuals, as a family: simple, natural, elegant." Cute alert: Their daughter Ramona was the flower girl!
And I loved what Amanda had to say about how not to stress out when planning for the big day: "Focus on your ceremony first! Once you write it or decide what that will look like, your whole wedding will come together around that. After all, that is the most important piece!"
I love the feel of the soft, subtle colors. And how cool are all those colorful wildflowers? Ahh, it makes me want to get married in grassy field in the middle of the forest... xoxo

[Photography by Terra Rothman Photography; via Ruffled]


  1. What a beautiful wedding! I'm loving all of the heartfelt details - you can tell how much work and love went into this wedding!

  2. What a gorgeous wedding! It definitely epitomizes Portland. :-)

  3. What a gorgeous wedding! Love the bohemian/ hippie feel.

  4. aw! Mt. Tabor is BEAUTIFUL, I just hiked where they got married a couple weeks ago! I love this, and I love that you showcased it.

  5. One more reason to love my city! This is so... just... gah, it's wonderful!!! I can't get over it!


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