Thursday, May 09, 2013

Guest Post: My mom on motherhood

Well, once again, Melissa has asked me to do a guest post on her blog. I always get a bit nervous when she asks me because she is the writer in the family, not me! But, here goes...

My mother Elenore Erlandson was indeed the best mother any person could ask for. I remember the feeling of security that I had when I was really young when I would literally hide in her skirts (I was a shy little thing!). She taught me the power of just being there. How lucky I was! She also taught me to take responsibility for myself...there were no excuses for misbehaving in our house, especially out in public or in school. It just didn't happen, as we would never want to disappoint her or my dad. Of course, we were typical kids, and sometimes we would act up. These were the times I learned responsibility for my actions. I remember how mad I would get when, after I would slam my door yet another time, my mom would -- oh so calmly -- come up, open the door and ask me to close it properly. She taught me gentleness mixed with the firmness that children need to succeed. I still have a bottle of her perfume that I open to this day and breathe in the essence of my dear mother.
Melissa also asked me what I have learned from being a mother. Well, it sure is not as easy as my mother made it look! It’s the hardest yet most-rewarding job I have ever had. I know that sounds trite, but the reason people always say it is because it is so true! I have also learned that, if my mom was anything like me at my age, that maybe she was not as sure of herself as I perceived her to be! Being a mother is a gift, and I am so lucky to have my two “girls”!

She also asked me what three things I wish someone would have told me about being a mother. There is only one that stands out…..DO NOT WORRY SO MUCH! 99% of what I have worried about over the years never came to pass, and the other 1% got dealt with as it came up. Loosen up, let the house be messy and spend every moment that you can with your kids. Time really does pass in the blink of an eye!

P.S. More posts on motherhood.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks to Melissa's mom!

  2. Your mom is awesome! I love her last bit of advice, about the worrying. I think that's an awesome life motto in general. And I LOVE the story about her mother asking her to close the door properly. That's patient parenting right there. And the power of just being there? It's so true.

  3. Yup, two writers in the family so far... Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your mother with us all. I'm with her on 'don't worry so much.' I remember shutting the car door on my daughter's finger, then holding her and saying, "well, I'm glad we got that over with, aren't you?"

  4. Sharon, what a lovely person your mother was!

    I was her niece. She always had a ready smile. She was kind. When she looked at me I knew she really saw me. I wish I had known her better.


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