Thursday, May 09, 2013

Love Lounge: Three lessons from my mother

They say it's only inevitable that we become our parents. Those little quirks and eccentricities we used to roll our eyes at? We somehow suddenly find ourselves saying or doing things we once swore we'd never do. There comes a point where there's just no denying the truth anymore, and my truth? I've reached that point. But I'm learning to embrace it -- maybe even love it. So after my mom wrote about motherhood this morning, I thought it only appropriate to return the favor. Here are the top 3 lessons I've learned from my mother...

Always walk with your head held high
I could on and on about the importance of a strong female role model in shaping a young girl's life. I was lucky enough to have that in my mom. She taught me to carry bravery with me wherever I went and to always be proud of who you are. There will always be people who don't like you (like this person...), but hold your head high because those people don't matter.

Always put family first
The people that do matter? Your family. Always, always, always put them first. After all, they're the people who have seen you at your worst and have stuck by you. Take it from me -- I didn't always make hospital living look as glamorous as this, so trust me when I say that you could never ask for better people in your corner cheering you on as you make your way through life.

Always make time for laughing
I swear, seeing my mom laugh puts the biggest smile on my face. She gets this jolly childlike look in her eyes that is contagious, and before I know it, I'm completely unable to keep a straight face. After 10 years of some not-so-good times, a little laughter can go a long way. And when I think about it, there's no one I'd rather laugh with than my mom.
So, friends, with Mother's Day coming up, tell me: What lessons has your mother passed down to you? Have you turned into her yet? And what lessons do you hope to pass on to your own kids someday? Let's chat! xoxo


  1. Such wonderful advice! My mama taught me to keep my head held high but be generous, too–and that you should work every advantage available to you!

  2. If I ever have kids I 'd want to tell them to be themselves, to be brave, to follow their dreams and to be patient...Oh and ALWAYS look at the bright side of llfe.I 'd teach them the Glad game (have you read Polyanna?) and we'd play it together...

  3. I'm not sure how I found you. But Im so glad I did. Can we be sisters? (:
    My mom and I have never been very close. She was/is kind of a picker. But as I get older I am loving her more and more. This post made me stop and think about the things she has taught me. I should write them down so I remember when I'm irritated.
    The picture of you as a infant and your mom.... Priceless!! Your gorgeous red hair!
    Thank you for always making me think.

  4. In some ways I have turned into my mother. She loves to watch or listen to tv. So I listen to talk radio a lot (I am in the car a lot going back and forth between their place and my place). I do not have children --she has 7 kids (I am the oldest) and 11 grandchildren. Physically she is 5'2" and I am 7 inches taller. My younger siblings always stated that I was mommy II. I was very responsible when I was younger and I am now too (probably to my detriment now.).

  5. what lovely lessons to learn from your mom! and so true. thanks for sharing.

    have a lovely weekend! xoxo, Amy

  6. What an adorable picture up there with you and your Mom!!! =)

    My mom also taught me to never give up!! =)


  7. Amazing lessons! :) Congrats to you and your lovely mother. I say that a girl becomes a woman the moment she realizes her mother was always right -at least always right about the most important things! Muah!


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