Thursday, May 23, 2013

Re-imagined Abercrombie ads

Have you been following the continued fall-out following a few choice words by Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries on who exactly he wants -- and more importantly, doesn't want -- wearing his brand? Everyone from celebrities to bloggers have been reading Jeffries the riot act, but perhaps no one captured the collective sentiment better than blogger Jes M. Baker from The Militant Baker. Not only did Baker address Jeffries in an open letter, but she also shot a mock Abercrombie ad campaign called Abercrombie & Fat.
"I was inspired by the opportunity to show that I am secure in my skin and to flaunt this by using the controversial platform that you created," writes Baker. "Not only do I know that I'm sexy, but I also have the confidence to pose nude in ways you [Jeffries] don’t dare."
"The world is progressing in inclusive ways whether you deem it cool or not. The only thing you've done through your comments (about thin being beautiful and only offering XL and XXL in your stores for men) is reinforce the unoriginal concept that fat women are social failures, valueless, and undesirable. Your apology doesn't change this."

As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." I'd say Baker just said the millions of words people have been thinking for weeks, wouldn't you? Such an inspiring woman...way to go!!! xoxo

[Photos by Liora K Photography; via Huffington Post]


  1. I adore this - it's great when someone combats a message with such a strong imagery - she's so beautiful b/c of all that she is and all that she does - that beauty is clear in every photo.

  2. This video is protesting against Abercrombie and Fitch too, except to do with that they don't want homeless people wearing their cloths.

  3. I think this is so fantastic–brava, Jes!

  4. I just posted on this today, too. I love these photographs. Her body images series is amazing. :)

  5. !!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this SOOOOOOO much!

    It pisses me off that A&F issues a statement apologizing but JEFFRIES didn't actually apologize. He needs to be fired.

  6. These photographs are great. I've worked in the fashion indusrty for many years and have seen so many companies and designers loose touch with reality. Beauty is an construction of society and companies like this I refuse to pay tribute to by supporting them with my money.

  7. I love these. I also really like that video of an LA actor giving a lot of Abercrombie's clothes to homeless people.


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